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We Need Your Help!

We care about our community. All forms of support are welcome and we generously appreciate the people and organizations generous contributions to make this dream a reality. Please consider making a donation today.

Ways to Give

Whether you have dollars to donate, helpful kitchen equipment, or perhaps some time to lend; we would joyfully receive any help you can provide to get this project off the ground!

In Person

Want to offer hands-on help? We can always use more volunteer hands and hearts especially in regards to basic construction needs like patching walls and building metro racks!

By Phone

Do you have an idea about supporting this project that would best be shared over the phone? Reach out below and we'll set up a time.


Every dollar counts and we are currently seeking support to bridge our funding gap so have set up a Go Fund Me. Thank you for helping us bring this important offering to Reno!


We welcome donations of all kinds of kitchen equipment and supplies. Please reach out to let us know what you have and we will coordinate!



Business Start-Up Help

We are actively seeking consultants who would be willing to offer their expertise and skills to help talented, low-income food entrepreneurs get their businesses started. We are especially seeking Spanish-speaking volunteers.

Project Support

We are currently seeking those will marketing and admin skills to help bring this community focused kitchen to life. Whether your talents lie in social media, digital marketing, graphic design, or bookkeeping; we would love to welcome your help!

Become a Sponsor


Our nonprofit has been working to support our Reno community for the last 15 years. We welcome sponsorships from local organizations and companies and are thoughtful in the ways we promote your support.

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Want to become a sponsor? Contact us today!

Thanks for submitting!

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