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Interested in the kitchen?

Please fill out the form below if you're interested in this new kitchen space and business incubator we are creating. You'll receive notification of the project's timeline and learn more about our tenant offerings once we have more details to share.

Membership Costs & Benefits

  • Standard monthly rent - $650

  • Flagship members will help direct the structure of the kitchen

  • Full and partial scholarships will be available

  • 24x7 access to kitchen. 

  • Up to 80 hours a month booked time in kitchen

  • Dry, refrigerator, and freezer storage

  • Works in Progress

    • Event space

    • Retail space

    •  Pop Ups

    • Private Dinner Parties

    • Connections to local retail distributors for member product distribution

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Get on our Prospective Tenant List!

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